Can you split an Ethernet Cable?

Can You Split An Ethernet Cable? [Here’s How]

If you enjoy playing games or watching a lot of content over the internet, or if you own several devices connected to an internet connection, then nothing can beat an internet connection with a good old-fashioned Ethernet cable.

Although modems and routers are everywhere, the stability and speed of the ethernet cable are the best and there is no comparison.

Getting an ethernet connection to your device can sometimes be very hard. And to get around this problem, you can use an Ethernet splitter.

This device can divide your internet connection so that it can be accessible to other devices.

Is it Possible to Split an Ethernet Cable?

Is it Possible to Split an Ethernet Cable?

To be very straightforward with you, we cannot split or divide like an audio or video signal. The Ethernet splitter doesn’t split your internet connection but it works differently than other kinds of splitters.

If you need an additional ethernet port in your workspace to connect other devices to the internet, then you can make use of a good ethernet switch or splitter which is helpful.

Let me clarify in simple words how this Ethernet splitter works. For example, if you have two rooms and in one room you have your router and in another room, you have your computer and printer.

To make a connection between these two, you will need two Ethernet splitters.

First, you need to connect your computer and printer to the first ethernet splitter.

Then the output of the first splitter will be the input for the second ethernet splitter and the output of this second splitter will go into your router.

This is a very clutter-free experience and it will also save you a lot of wires to deal with.

Ethernet splitters do not split a single Ethernet connection. The device that splits an internet connection is called a switch.

People commonly get very confused between these two and think that an ethernet splitter can split their connection into two. Here is a guide to split it for multiple devices.

Ethernet Network Switches

Network switches are generally connected to a router or a modem. The switch has many ports that can be used to connect to a computer or other devices. Now I will explain exactly how a switch works.

As we have discussed in the previous section, ethernet signals can’t be split but what the switch does is switch signals back and forth between connected devices at a very high speed.

Suppose you have two machines connected to your switch and you are watching a movie on one computer and playing games on another computer.

The switch is giving an internet connection to a computer at any one time and then it is switching to another computer.

The speed of this process is so fast that it is invisible to the naked eye. If too many devices are connected to a single switch, it can start to lag because the whole switching process becomes a bit slow.

Last Verdict

Hopefully, this article answers all your questions regarding whether an ethernet cable can be split or not. I have also cleared a common doubt between switches and ethernet splitters.

They both are used for two different purposes and I hope after reading this article, these two purposes are very clear to you.