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Does an Ethernet Cable Speed Up WiFi?

Does an Ethernet Cable Speed Up WiFi? [You Should Know]

There is no doubt that wireless technology is going to conquer the whole world within a few years.

Devices can be connected from any corner by using this technology. Wi-Fi connections are thus becoming popular day by day.

On the other hand, ethernet connections are also in demand in the market due to their speed. They are faster than the Wi-Fi speed.

Let’s see what are the differences between these two – Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable.

WiFi vs Ethernet cable – what are they?

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection where the devices are connected to a Wi-Fi router or broadband.

No cables are required for the Wi-Fi connection. Whereas Ethernet connections also provide networks but they use cables. They are wired connections, unlike the Wi-Fi wireless connection.

Speed of Wi-Fi and Ethernet – Which One is Better?

Comparing both the connections, it is proved that the ethernet connection is faster than the Wi-Fi connection. The data transfer speed of Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi.

Initially, Wi-Fi was based on the 802.11g standard. Mobile phones could be connected to the internet by using this connection. But the speed of data transfer was noticed to be slower than the ethernet connection.

The ethernet connection, when compared to the Wi-Fi connection, can provide 100Mbps – 1000Mbps speed or even more.

But, you would be astonished if you read the next sentence. The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ac. This can provide a speed of 3200Mbps.

This new standard of Wi-Fi is truly surprising. When compared to the Ethernet connection, this Wi-Fi standard is much better.

Now, let us see the benefits of using the ethernet cable over the Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of using Ethernet Cable over Wi-Fi

People often prefer Wi-Fi over an ethernet connection. For business, office, and home uses, they go for a Wi-Fi connection because this does not make their room look messy.

The cables often make the floors or walls untidy. But they don’t know the various benefits of the ethernet cables over Wi-Fi.

In most cases, ethernet cables are faster than Wi-Fi connections. Moreover, the ethernet connection provides a huge level of security.

Whether you want to download large files or small files, ethernet cables help you to work at a quick rate of speed. Also, gamers prefer ethernet cables for gaming purposes.

Gaming requires a high-speed data connection. Ethernet cables are best for this purpose. Any gamer would recommend an ethernet cable because Wi-Fi speed often drops down to 54/70Mbps only.

Moreover, the speed is also unstable. Wi-Fi speed often drops when it is used for multiple tasks.

Whereas, ethernet cables will never break your heart. Their performance level always remains at the top. Their speed remains 100 to 1000Mbps.

No interruption occurs while using ethernet cables. You can know more about Ethernet cables splitting.

Also, the security of the ethernet cables is better than the Wi-Fi connection. Open-air Wi-Fi connections are present almost everywhere, providing you with free Wi-Fi usage.

This can harm you by transferring personal information through Wi-Fi. No matter how strong the settings are, hacking of the information may happen at any time.

On the other hand, ethernet cords give you a robust security level. This protects you from transferring any personal information.

They don’t provide any open-air internet facility or easily available data for everyone. This is the main reason why ethernet connections are more secure than Wi-Fi connections.

But also there are some issue if the cable is bad like packet loss and other.

Will the Ethernet Cables Speed Up Your Wi-Fi?

Technically, the ethernet connection never slows down your Wi-Fi. Rather, using an ethernet connection over Wi-Fi may speed up the data transfer rate.

Greater bandwidth is supported by the ethernet connection in comparison to the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi connection.

For an ethernet connection, on average Cat 7 can transfer up to 10 gigabits per sec. This is equal to the entire length of a full HD movie.

Whereas, Wi-Fi connection on average can get up to 1000 megabits per second. This is even not near to ten times the ethernet.

Your router can support a huge ethernet speed wherever it fails to support the Wi-Fi speed. This allows a certain limit to the usage of the data.

Thus, you can have a surety that you can use your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi without decreasing its speed rather than enhancing the speed. They don’t interfere with each other.

Ethernet connection can be used over the Wi-Fi connection. It is advisable not to use such a huge speed of the internet unless it is heavy work.

Using the ethernet connection along with Wi-Fi may increase the speed.