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Can a Bad Ethernet Cable Slow Down the Internet

Can a Bad Ethernet Cable Slow Down the Internet? [5 Facts]

Ethernet cables are one of the ways of internet connection. They connect computers and other network devices in a physical space.

Ethernet cables used for network connectivity are often referred to as a local area network or LAN.

The idea of an Ethernet network is that computers and other devices can share files. They can also share information and data more comfortably and efficiently.

Ethernet connection first came into the concept and was released in 1980.

These Ethernet cables may often slow down the internet for many reasons. Reasons include wear and tear, discontinuous connection, etc.

Let’s see the problems that ethernet cables can create for your computer, mobile, or any other device.

Signs that You Have a Bad Ethernet Cable

There are certain signs that you can notice to understand whether the poor ethernet cables are affecting your devices or not.

Let’s see if those signs reveal that your ethernet connection is affecting the device.

Signs that show bad Ethernet cables are affecting your device

1. Loss of connectivity

A failed network connection can tell you that the Ethernet cable is affecting your device’s network speed.

Plugging the cable into the ethernet adapter and, if no lights are turned on, is another sign by which you can tell that your device is affected by poor ethernet cables.

This indicates that the problem is with the adapter itself.

Error messages within the operating system often reveal that the ethernet cables are poor and you face problems with them.

Check the cables between the network switch and router or router and modem if you see disconnection on all the devices working.

You can also read more about its packet loss issue.

2. Discontinuous Internet connection

Usually, discontinuous internet connection is a primary concern for HD lovers. Professional gamers who don’t want to face lag may face this issue with a bad internet connection.

Low-quality or poor connection cables are the main reasons for such lag issues. Lag issues create huge problems in working times.

Always keep track of the internet speed of your internet connection. If you see that your device is receiving low internet speeds, that means your device is not receiving the specified bandwidth for the device.

The bandwidth is usually calculated in Mbps (Megabits per sec).

Keep in mind that a minute change in your internet connection speed is normal for any ethernet connection.

Ups and downs in internet speed often happen in these connections. These are often responsible for lag issues on computers or smartphones.

So you should notice a significant difference in the bandwidth of the internet speed provided by the ethernet connections.

3. Issues Faced at regular intervals of time

Disruption in your internet connection while you are working on your device may often indicate poor ethernet cables responsible for bad internet connection problems on your device.

Irregular connections can be found in the connection.

External objects like nails or screws are sometimes found piercing the cable wires. This causes hindrances in the wave interface like Electromagnetic waves.

These issues may disrupt the connection of the ethernet cable wires to your device.

If you find that the twisted parts of the Ethernet cables are broken, then there seems to be a change in the position of the cable wires.

Many wiggles or tangles may twist the copper inside the wires, connecting them. Thus you have to be cautious about these factors.

How To Fix Issues from a Bad Ethernet Cable

Ways to resolve these problems when you are facing problems with bad Ethernet Cables
  • You can cut the areas where you find the bends. Tangles and wiggles may be cut.
  • You can also cut out the insulation. Insulations found on both sides to at least 3 inches, whatever suits you.
  • Peel the skins on the wires of the twisted parts one by one.
  • You will see the copper wire of each twisted pair. They have connected each wire of the same color band accordingly. All you have to do is twist both of them together.
  • An insulation tape is an ultimate step. Apply the insulation tape on the connected joints. Then finally, to all the twisted pairs from where you cut out the cable’s insulation.

Thus, you can follow this process to eliminate all the cuts, bends, or tangles in your bad Ethernet cables.

What Will You Do If the Problem Persists?

Network adapters should be checked if the problem persists. Even after using a new ethernet cable, if you see the same problem, then check your cable adapter.

Also, look at the switches, routers, etc., or the devices associated with the connection.

Troubleshooting is required in these cases. Higher service providers are required.

You may face the above problems while using a bad Ethernet connection. Thus from this article, we have cleared our doubts about whether a bad Ethernet cable can slow down your internet speed or not.

However, there are many ways you can recover your internet connection. Follow the steps given above to resolve the problem.