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Is Ethernet Good for Streaming

Is Ethernet Good for Streaming? [Why It Is a Better Option]

Streaming is on trend nowadays. Whether we’re talking about game streaming, audio streaming, smart TV, or others, after 2019, streaming is a popular aspect.

We all like to watch live streaming rather than read something. Online streaming is that popular; you can get the idea that 60% of young adults watch online streaming.

One more study claims that 67% of people have stated that video quality is the most important thing in streaming and speed.

So if you’re a streamer used to streaming games, shows, audio, or other valuable content, you should focus on your quality and speed. And here, the internet plays a vital role.

So, Is Ethernet Good for Streaming?

Definitely Yes! An Ethernet connection can give you far better stable internet speed than a WIFI, which proves fruitful for your TV, video, or audio streaming. The study says that if your connection is just 1 sec slow, it can bounce 6% of viewers.

So to stay at the top of your competition, it is obvious you should have a strong connection. It will help you to get more viewers and followers.

WIFI may not serve a long stable connection as it is a wireless connection, but ethernet can do the job as it is directly connected to your computer.

Why Ethernet is Better For Streaming than WIFI?

There are some strong reasons streamers should use an ethernet cable connection rather than a WIFI connection, which you should consider. So let’s check those points:

# Faster than Wifi

Many people might disagree with this, but it has been proven that Ethernet gives faster speed than WIFI. Because the WIFI has to transmit signal into the air, and due to critical atmosphere [long distance, walls, etc.], you may often have slow speed.

But that is not the case with the Ethernet cable because it does not rely on your atmosphere. It is a wired connection and can have the same speed even in a critical atmosphere.

Hence, you’ll get better speed with your wired connection than with a WIFI signal. Although the WIFI signal can be extended with WIFI Extender, it may also not give great speed. So it might be a time to change for you.

# Stable Connection

Nowadays, it is not hard to have a good internet speed. Many high-speed internet providers and technologies are available that can serve a great internet speed.

But, the problem is with a stable connection. The fast Internet is not everything, especially in streaming, gaming, and other works.

Your Internet should be fast as well as stable. Because if your Internet is not stable, you’ll often have interruptions, which is not professional work, or if you’re streaming movies, it can be a bad experience.

As the WIFI has to travel through the air, you often have interruptions like this, but with a wired connection, you can eliminate that process.

Thus, Ethernet can be a blessing for you, especially if you need an awesome and stable connection to the Internet.

# Lower Latency

If you’re a gamer and stream games, latency might be your well-known enemy.

Latency means a minimal delay in processing computer data to a network connection. So the lower the latency, the better performance you’ll get.

However, it is not a big problem with watching TV, Videos, and other tasks, but it is a critical issue for gaming, as a delayed move or action can cause death.

So if you’re a gamer and prefer Ethernet over WIFI, it will help you continue playing your games and stream your gameplay.

What Ethernet Cable is Best for Streaming?

CAT 5e or CAT 6 tends to be the best Ethernet cable for streaming, gaming, and all other works. Because CAT 5e and CAT 6 can provide a good speed and bandwidth. However, more advanced ethernet is available, but they might be fake.

In the market, you can quickly get CAT 7 and CAT 8 ethernet cables, the latest and futureproof ethernet cables. But fake brands are promising CAT 7 and CAT 8 with more speed and other features.

Thus, people like to have CAT 6 over the so-called CAT 7 and 8.

Although I have seen people review good about some CAT 7 and CAT 8 cables of particular brands, you can also try them.

But, mostly, I recommend using CAT 5e or CAT 6, as you’ll have enough speed and bandwidth for any of your work.

Is a Streaming Internet Cable the same as Ethernet?

YES! Any cable connected to your LAN and provides you with internet can be called an Ethernet cable. So there is no difference between streaming internet cable and ethernet cable.

Generally, Ethernet is known as Network cable, or people also call it Internet cable, because it provides internet to our devices. Although there might be other cables that can provide internet, Ethernet is more popular.

So if you’re buying a cable for your streaming, you can go for ethernet cable or call it ethernet cable in your local stores.


In conclusion, I would like to say again that you can have a good streaming experience with an ethernet cable rather WIFI connection. You can also read our previous posts about that topic to know more deeply.

Not only for streamers but also if you’re streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, and others on your Smart TV, an ethernet can serve mind-blowing speed rather than a Wireless connection.


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