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Should You Wire Your House with Ethernet

Should You Wire Your House with Ethernet? [Here’s Why]

In a new home, the most crucial feature has to be the internet. But now, people use wireless or Wi-Fi for the most part. So, the question arises, is it necessary to have an ethernet option in our house?

This question can be an answer to some common issues that we face in our daily lives and during our daily work. The issues that arise during online meetings or the buffering we face, when we try to stream our favourite web series. So at times, the internet can play hide and seek with us, thus it is important to have ethernet in our house.

So, today we will look at some facts that can provide us with the reasons and steps to have ethernet in our house. I’ve also breakdown the cost, advantages, disadvantages and many more that would help you to take decision.

Advantages of Wiring Your New House with Ethernet

There are some advantages of having ethernet in your house. The advantages help in deciding whether ethernet is good or not. So the advantages can be explained in some points as follows:

# Problem of Wiring Later

This is the first and most crucial point. Wiring later can make you feel pain because there are lots of issues you’ll be facing. The installation technician will charge you more for planning, removing, or positioning other wires.

As the technicians charge hourly, they will have to spend more time in order to install the ethernet in a complete house as this will be a bit complex work. Thus, they are going to charge you extra, and it will make you feel pain.

Later in this article, I’ve discussed more of their charges and so on, which you can read below.

You may also have to spend money on equipment to hide the wires, and there is also a chance of damaging old wiring and other mess.

# Wired Connections Improve Internet Speed

If you have a big house and there are many walls, then ethernet is the best bet. It is because it will ensure that you use the internet by sitting in one place without worrying about the walls.

It means that in wireless internet, the greater number of walls and barriers between the point of the internet and the hand-held or mobile device can affect the performance of the internet. It can reduce the speed of the internet in the case of Wi-Fi internet.

# More Reliable Connection

At times, the internet can be very villainous. The occasional moment when you require that extra speed for a bit of time can become a moment of sorrow. It means that the internet is unpredictable.

By today’s standards, Wi-Fi is the new king. To enhance its performance you need to have a supporting system that can keep it efficient and stable.

It is where ethernet comes into play. Now to utilize it properly, you need to have a good quality internet service provider, router and most crucial good quality cable. All of these can help you in improving the speed of your broadband. So it is one of the advantages of ethernet.

# Ethernet Cabling To Improve WIFI Range/Coverage

As we did see in the above point, that ethernet can be useful in increasing the stability of the Wi-Fi internet. The same is the case with the Wi-Fi coverage or the extent to which it serves us. So, if you have a good quality ethernet, then your Wi-Fi coverage will also improve.

So, if there are some corners of your house, where the internet is blazing fast, then ethernet will help improve the situation. So, ethernet with a good router will do the trick.

# Ethernet Cabling Offers Greater Security

Now, if you are one of those who like to keep the data safe and internet surfing and internet bills secure and low, then ethernet will be the perfect assistant in this situation.

It is because, if someone wants to access the ethernet in your house, then unlike Wi-Fi, you need to give them physical access to your ethernet. This kind of protection is rare now, as everyone is switching to Wi-Fi for the sake of convenience.

# Ethernet Removes Unwanted EMFs From Your Home

There is also an increasing issue of unwanted EMFs around us. As more wireless devices are appearing in our surroundings, then it becomes more crucial to protect our legacy or some heavy electronic devices from the ill effects of EMF. It is because EMFs cannot affect devices with wires.

I have written a similar article about that topic, which you can read from here about health impact of radiation.

Disadvantages of Wiring Your New House with Ethernet

The biggest and the most common disadvantage that one can think of in this case is the cost of this entire process. It will cost you a lot of money, as you will need to choose the best quality cable, along with other equipment required for this process.

So, Is it Worth It To Wire a New House with Ethernet?

Old-school Internet users will love to keep a sturdy and trustworthy process, and then a house with ethernet will be a boon for such users. If you are a heavy internet users then you should wire your new house with ethernet as it will provide you a better internet connection.

But, if your family doesn’t use that much Internet, then you can go with just WIFI only. But, how can you identify the heavy usage and normal usage? Here is some more information.

Ethernet should be your first priority if someone does a lot of gaming, streaming, work for the office, and meetings from home.

But, if there is only small gaming, TV streaming, and normal Internet surfing in your family, then a standard WIFI connection is more than enough for you.

Which Ethernet Cable Should You Use for New House Wiring?

There are different types and categories of ethernet cables, and thus it is critical to choose the best one for your house; as I’ve already mentioned, it will charge a lot if you remove the poor old ethernet and set up a new one.

So, don’t worry; I will help you decide which ethernet cable to buy and which to avoid. So let’s see.

There are four popular categories of Ethernet cables: CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7, and CAT 8.

By market standards, Cat 6 is the optimum type of cable which you need to have in your house. But, this cable also has some improvements in terms of technology. But, those cables with better technology will not be of much use in your house as they are costly and unnecessary.

I never recommend buying CAT 7 or CAT 8 because most of them are similar to CAT 6. It is believed that there are no such categories, but companies do fake marketing to sell their cables.

So always go for CAT 5 or CAT 6 ethernet cables; you’ll not have any issues with them.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Ethernet in a House?

The cost of running ethernet in your house depends on various factors. There are several items you need to run ethernet in your house: Ethernet Cable, Ethernet Wall Jacks, RJ45 Jack, Switch, Modem, and Router. [If you already have a modem, router & switch, you can save some bucks].

There will also be a charge for labor who will install the whole connection. The average charge of a network installation technician might be from $50 to $100 per hour for a new house. And to run 500 feet of ethernet might take 7.5 to 10 hours. I’ve explained the hours and price in detail, so check below.

Also, the price depends on the quality of all the equipment you install. It is always better to use the best equipment because it’ll cost you heavy if you have any issues later and try to fix them.

Now here I’ve entirely breakdown the cost of each thing; let’s check them now:

#Ethernet Cables

There are different Ethernet cable categories: CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7, CAT 8, and others. But, the most popular and used cable is CAT 6. So there are different prices for different categories.

In the market, you can get CAT 6 Ethernet cable for house wiring at $0.10 per foot to $0.20 per foot or higher. But this is the average cost of CAT 6 ethernet cable; you can also find other high-priced cables on the market. Now, let’s see how much you’ll spend on Ethernet cables.

CAT 6 Ethernet Cable LengthAvg. Price [$0.10 – $0.20/foot]
2000 foot$200 – $400
1000 foot$100 – $200
800 foot$80 – $160
500 foot$50 – $100
300 foot$30 – $60

Here I’ve listed a solid CAT 6 ethernet cable from Monoprice that you can buy from 68$ per 500 foot from here.

If you are purchasing CAT 7 and CAT 8 the price will increase. But, CAT 6 is the best because there are so many fake CAT 7, 8 cables.

#Ethernet Wall Jack

Ethernet Wall Plate or Jack is needed to add connection in every room in your house. It will cost you around $7 for two wall plates or jacks. So here is the calculation for different numbers of wall jacks.

Number of Ethernet Wall JacksPrice [$7 per 2 Plates]
20 Ethernet Wall Plates$70
10 Ethernet Wall Plates$35
8 Ethernet Wall Plates$28
5 Ethernet Wall Plates$17.5
3 Ethernet Wall Plates$10.5

You can buy other high-priced wall plates, but most people go with this range. Here you can check some great Ethernet Wall Plates on amazon.

#RJ45 Jacks

To connect your ethernet with the modem and other devices, you need to have the connectors or RJ45 Jacks. They will cost you around $10 for 10 Jacks, or you can get more than that jacks in just only $10 bucks.

#Labour or Installation Technician Cost

Network Installation Technician cost is something that will make you feel pain. They charge hourly, and their hourly charge for a new house is around $50 to $100, depending on the complexity. So installing 500 feet of ethernet cables will take 7.5 to 10 hours, so that it will cost you approximately $400 to $800.

Let’s learn the calculation in detail:

Cable LengthInstallation Cost [approx.]
500 foot$400 to $800
1000 foot$800 to $1600
2000 foot$2000 to $4000

They will charge more per hour for an old house, where they have to remove old wires or work hard and install them.

Also, if the house is not complex to install the cable, it can save so much time; thus, you’ll save some extra bucks.

Although, I asked some technicians on Reddit, and they answered they can do the job relatively cheaply, so now it is up to you; if you can find a cheap local electrician, then it would be great for you.

#Modem, Router & Switch

I’m not going to talk about the cost of the Modem, Router, and Switch since there are various options according to your needs.

You can visit any local store or online stores like amazon to grab them.

Which is better, Ethernet or WIFI for my house?

The answer to this question depends upon your needs. If you are happy with wireless Internet, then it is for you. But if you like to work in one place and do not care much about mobility, then ethernet is your kind.

If you work longer on your PC, play games, do streaming, work from home, and all lengthy stuff, then I’ll always recommend you to go with Ethernet cables rather than a WIFI connection.

WIFI is well enough for small daily mobile work like watching videos, surfing social media and websites, and playing small games.

Now, it is your choice whether to use a wired ethernet connection or a wireless WIFI connection.


So, now we can say that it is good to Wire Your New House with Ethernet. It ensures an overall improvement in the performance of the internet in our house.

It also ensures that we can properly use our internet service without wasting much of our time searching for the best internet coverage area in our house.

It also provides us with the opportunity to develop a habit of working in one place without moving around much. This last step will ensure a better and healthy future for us.