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Best DisplayPort Extension Cables

Best DisplayPort Extension Cables [Including Mini DP]

If you want to extend your DP cable, then you should need DisplayPort Extension Cables. Because with this extension, you can increase the wire’s length and use it for your desired works.

Finding a perfect DisplayPort extender is complicated because of so many reasons, and that’s we are going to review more than 6 Best extension cables for your DisplayPort.

So to know and read all the reviews, you should stick with this excellent post and till the end to find some best qualified DP extenders, so without wasting time, let’s get into the center.

What is DisplayPort Extension Cable & why should we use?

So, DisplayPort Extension is a Cable that is highly used to increase the length of your DisplayPort. We often have to add other devices with our DP cable to use it, so this is an excellent option for that situation.

For example, we may need to connect our Monitor with a CPU that is a little far from each one; here, we can use this extender to extend the wire length.

So to extend the wire length, we should use this cable.

How DisplayPort Extension works?

DisplayPort is a great cable that allows you to transfer video and audio at the highest resolution and refresh rate, so the DP cable is essential nowadays.

Gamers and Video streamers mostly like DisplayPort for its brilliant features. DP Extension is the extender of DP cable.

DisplayPort Extension is mainly coming with a male and female point, so you have to connect your DP cable on the female end and the male end on a particular device.

In this way, the DP extension will let you make your cable more lengthy.

6 Best DisplayPort Extension Cables

1. Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable
BrandCable Matters
Released DateJune 16, 2014
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight9 grams
Highest Resolution8K
Compitable DevicesMonitors, Projectors & VR Headsets
Length Options3ft and 6ft

Cable Matters is a good brand known for its good quality products when it comes to any Cables.

Similarly, the Cable Matters DP to DP Extension is an excellent choice if you want to extend your DisplayPort. This cable was first listed on amazon on June 16, 2014.

The particular cable is lightweight and supports the highest resolution of 8k, and is compatible with Monitors, Projectors & VR Headsets.

The Extension comes with two size options of 3ft and 6ft and has a positive rating of 4.6 out of 5. Overall it is a great option for you and you can go with that cable.

2. Rankie DP Extension Cable

Rankie DP Extension Cable
Released DateAugust 21, 2016
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight130 grams
Highest Resolution4K
Compitable DevicesMonitors, Projectors
Length Options6ft

Rankie is another good brand when it comes to cables. They have such good qualities DP cables and others.

This extender has arrived on August 21, 2016, which supports Monitors, Projectors and others. The weight of this cable is only 130gm and can support 4k resolution.

It is made with Gold-plated connectors, which will give you an excellent overall experience; also, the conductors are made with bare copper.

The cable only has one length option of 6ft and got a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The extender is also compatible with Oculus Rift S and Oculus Rift.

3. iVANKY Displayport to Displayport Extension Cable

iVANKY Displayport to Displayport Extension Cable
Released DateJune 17, 2020
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight99 grams
Resolution and Refresh Rate[email protected], [email protected]
Compitable DevicesMonitors, Graphics Cards, HDTVs, VR Headsets (Oculus Rift S and Oculus Rift)
Length Options3.3 ft and 6.6 ft

iVANKY is a good brand of DP cables for an extended period; we have already reviewed its main DP cables, which is an excellent choice for all the users; you can read the review from here.

In June 17, 2020, they also launched the extension cable for DP cables for the users. So no doubt it is a good product.

The extension is protected with Nylon-Braided Cable and Aluminum Shell for a long-lasting experience.

It is compatible with PCs, Laptops, Monitors, HDTVs, Graphics cards, VR headsets (Oculus Rift S and Oculus Rift). So it supports a wide range of devices.

This 99gm cable can handle 4k resolutions, and the highest refresh rate is 165Hz.

The cable’s design is also great, company says it is built with a latch free system and has made of tinned copper wire and 24K gold-plated.

The cable is available in Gray colour and has two size options of 3.3ft and 6.6ft. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Overall it is an excellent extension of DP that you can indeed purchase.

4. DGHUMEN DP1.4 Extension Cable

DGHUMEN DP1.4 Extension Cable
Released DateSeptember 24, 2020
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight57 grams
Highest Resolution8K
Compitable DevicesMonitors, Projectors, TV
Length Options1.6ft, 3.3ft and 4.9ft

DGHUMEN’s DP extension is also a great cable to select because of it is great features.

The cable is gaming friendly which you can connect with Laptops or PC to a monitor, TV, Projectors. Company says that it is a ideal choice for video streamers and gamers.

It can supports up to 8K resolutions at a 165Hz refresh rate. This item’s build quality is also solid, its connectors are made with gold plate, and for waterproofing, it has Nylon. So you can understand its build quality.

The cable has three size options of 1.6ft, 3.3ft and 4.9ft. It got a rating of 4.8 out of 5. So it is a good extension in terms of many things.

5. Cable Matters Active DP to DP Extension

Cable Matters Active DP to DP Extension
BrandCable Matters
Released DateMay 21, 2020
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight257 grams
Highest Resolution8K
Compitable DevicesVR Headsets, Monitors, and Projectors
Length Options10ft, 16ft & 25ft

Cable Matters Active DP to DP Extension is a brand new launch from the brand Cable Matters. It is one of the fantastic products that DP users will love to have because it can fulfil almost all the DP Extension needs.

Launched on May 21, 2020, this 257 grams DP extender can support maximum resolutions up to 8k at @ 60Hz. It is fully compatible with VR Headsets, Monitors, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Pro and Projectors.

It has three length options of 10ft, 16ft, and 25ft for a good VR experience. With a 25ft cable, you can move into large areas and play lots of games with your VR headsets. So it is perfect for VR users.

It has some more great features like MST Multi-Stream Transport, DSC Display Stream Compression and others. This Cable also offers you an Active Chipset for a Reliable Transmission.

This Cable is powered via the host DisplayPort port, so you don’t need any external power source. It also has LED lights for chipset status indication.

Now coming to the build quality, this cable’s conductors are made with Bare copper, individually insulated with wires.

All the cables are covered with solid Foil, which has Braided shielding. At the top, it has a tremendous Flexible PVC jacket for a long-lasting user experience.

The cable got a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Overall this is a great cable, and you can go with this cable.

6. Club3D CAC-1022 DisplayPort to DisplayPort

Club3D CAC-1022 DisplayPort to DisplayPort
Released DateJune 3, 2019
TypeDisplayPort to DisplayPort
Weight133 grams
Highest Resolution8K @60Hz
Compitable DevicesProjector, TV, Monitor
Length Options6.56ft

Club3D is also a good brand of DP cables. Its extension is also good in terms of features. Cable has launched on June 3, 2019, which is 133 grams heavy and compatible with Projector, TV, and Monitors.

It supports 8k resolutions at 60Hz, and has a bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps. It comes with features like Display Stream Compression (DSC), Forward Error Correction and more.

It also has 32 Inline Audio Channels and 28AWG and fully Bi-Directional.

The cable only has one size option of 6.56ft, and the wire is protected with an UltraFlex jacket. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and also has 2years of warranty.

Best Mini DisplayPort Extension Cable

1. Cable Matters Mini DP Extension Cable

Cable Matters Mini DP Extension Cable
BrandCable Matters
Released DateApril 6, 2016
TypeMini DP to Mini DP
Weight90 grams
Highest Resolution4K
Compitable DevicesMonitor, PC, older MacBook
Length Options3ft and 6ft

If you find a Mini DP Cable Extension that can support Monitors, PC, older MacBook, it is a perfect choice for you. It comes with all the necessary features and at a low price too.

Mini DisplayPort Extension Cable for Apple or Mac

UseBean Mini DisplayPort Extension Cable

UseBean Mini DisplayPort Extension Cable
Released DateOctober 20, 2020
TypeMini DP to Mini DP
Weight111 grams
Highest Resolution4K
Compitable DevicesMonitors, Projectors
Length Options1ft, 3.3ft and 6.6ft

UseBean Mini DP Extension Cable is a perfect choice for all Apple MacBook users. It also has three size options for different needs and a good rating of 4.9 out of 5.

How To Choose Extension Cables for DisplayPort?

When picking an Extension for DisplayPort cable, we have to keep so many things on our minds so that we shouldn’t end up a bad one.

To guide you, we have written how to pick the best DP Extension Cable, so let’s check, and we are sure this will help you a lot.


While choosing an Extension for DP length is one of the most important things that we have to look at, we will use this for length issues or connect a device that is a bit away from other devices.

So before picking, you should check how much long wire you need, and the product has or not that much length you want.


Compatibility is one of the vital things that you should care about a lot. Because you should know what DP extension you need for your devices as there are many types of cables out of there that might not be compatible with your devices.

Do check for what kind of devices you want the cable, whether for PCs, Mac, Projectors, VR Headsets, or others.

Type of the Cable

Last but not least, Cable Type is also a critical thing that we have to look, because there are various types of DP extension (Male to male, female to male, DP to VGA, DP to HDMI, and others), so make sure what type of cable you need & do check before buying.

Last Verdict

So we hope this information was helpful and learned so many things from here. Before choosing a DP extension, this post is a must as this is packed with lots of info.

If you guys ask us what to buy, we will go with any DP extension listed above as all the Extension cables are great for heavy daily usage.

To archive more knowledge about DisplayPort Cables, keep visiting here when you need.