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Can Ethernet Be Buried

Can Ethernet Be Buried? [Here Are The Facts]

Are you wondering if yo can planted your old Ethernet on earth? If yes then here I’ve explained some cool facts on this matter.

So, Can Ethernet Be Buried?

Yes! Ethernet cable can be buried, and an exterior grade cable is waterproof and quickly buried without conduit. There are two ways when you’re burying an Ethernet cable. The first one is direct burial, and the second is traditional burial which requires running a conduit.

But suppose you’re using ordinary and direct burial. In that case, Cat 6 cables attract lightning strikes to some extent, and burying doesn’t necessarily lessen that risk.

So you can install surge protectors as part of any outdoor Ethernet network, which will guard against lightning strikes and prevent damage to indoor equipment.

How Deep Should Ethernet Cable Be Buried?

Ethernet cables degenerate fast when exposed to natural elements; the plastic, thin casing doesn’t stand with the wire for a long time. Put them in a conduit and then bury the conduit underground to get the best results.

The depth of burial underground should be about 6 to 8 inches and should be far away from sources of power lines which can have an electrical interference.

Plastic pipes such as PVC can act as a conduit, installed with waterproofing. Regular Network cables aren’t designed for outdoor use.

Natural elements, such as extreme weather conditions and humidity, can affect the cable performance, causing it to fail.

What to Do With an Old Ethernet Cable?

If you have an old Ethernet and wondering what to do with it. Then here I’ve mentioned some cool ideas you should use.

1. Sell

There are a lot of buyers who are looking for old cables and also a large number of tech enthusiasts who are looking for old cables to hang their old gadgets. You can try listing them on craigslist.

You can also sell this to electrical liquidators; these companies buy old electronic goods to sell them to the manufacturer or other people who need them.

2. Recycle

This could be the best option if you don’t find any other things feasible, as Ethernet wire contains valuable material such as copper and aluminum, which are highly recyclable.

If you can’t reuse them or find someone to use them, take your wires to your nearest e-waste recycling facility.

3. Donate

Universities who offer (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs happily accept such cables used by them.

Can Cat5 Be Buried?

If you choose to bury a standard CAT 5 Cable, the cable should be enclosed in a water-tight conduit, and it can be planted in it rather than the direct burial of cable.

If this is done perfectly, the cable is less likely to be exposed to extreme situations that might adversely affect when used. If the cable is buried by itself, you will need a minimum protective measure using PVC or a metal conduit.

This will reduce the chances of cutting the cable while digging around it. And also, remember to follow the local codes of governance for installing cable, and if applicable, ensure the required degree of separation between electrical cables in the ground.

Suppose the cable is directly buried without any protective covering. In that case, you can find the cable packed with a layer of sand dirt, which could easily penetrate throughout the outer coating of the cable.

In the case of the CAT 5 cable, it is very durable; if you’re following the basic guidelines discussed above, you are ready to go!

So that’s all on Can Ethernet Be Buried? Or not? I hope we have answered all the questions, but please reach out to us through comments if you still have any queries.