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Can Ethernet Cables Get Wet

Can Ethernet Cables Get Wet? [Here’s How to Protect]

Ethernet is an essential cable for all of us. But, if it is rainy weather, you might be afraid about your cable, or if somehow it gets water.

But, Can Ethernet Cables Get Wet?

Ethernet cables are waterproof and can be buried in the ground without a conduit. If you’re the one who is not going to bury the cables, then you can go with a waterproof Cat 6 cable. When your cables get wet externally, there are no issues, but we have a problem here when it gets wet internally.

When indoor cables become wet, you should consider them damaged, and their shelf life decreases.

Since wet cables cannot be dried out, these cables can have some lags on data transmission and speed, which might not be suitable for the user experience.

Are Ethernet Cables Waterproof?

Ethernet Cables are waterproof as long as the ends are not exposed, but Standard Ethernet cables are not waterproof and should not run outside. The plastic jacket can resist a small amount of water, but the connectors can easily let water through it, which can damage the wiring internally.

To resolve this Exterior grade Ethernet cable should be used instead of using a standard cable that runs outside.

What Happens If an Ethernet Cable Gets Wet?

Do you ever feel tempted to run indoor-rated Ethernet cable outside? It might be a good idea for a short run or if it’s put into PVC conduit.

The indoor-rated cables are meant for dry conditions, and when wet conditions exist, industry standards are required for installation. If this indoor-rated cable becomes wet, you can consider it to have permanent damage to the cable, and the usage life of the cable also decreases.

When water enters the Ethernet cable, it damages the fiber optic, resulting in data signal degradation and high attenuation.

This can also cause speed issues and data transmission issues where you might have to face downtime for a while, which is very irritating, and I hope you don’t want to face such an issue.

How To Protect an Ethernet Cable from Rain?

Here are some possible ways you can use it to protect your Ethernet Cable from rain and work smoothly.

1. Ethernet Cable that can withstand surges of at least 6 kV

Although it is not in your hands to completely protect the cable from lightning strikes, you can control if sudden electrical surges damage your cord.

You will require an Ethernet cable that can handle at least 6 kilovolts (kV). Cables and connectors which can handle up to 6 kV may still resist the damage but to a lesser extent.

2. UV-resistant Coating

Some cables come with an outer coating that protects them from direct exposure to the sun and UV damage.

Ensure to check if the cable is labeled as UV-resistant, especially if you will run outdoors instead of indoors.

3. Keeping the Ends Clean

Keeping the ends clean from which I mean is to keep the end of the cable away from water touch because the cables can resist the water.

Still, if it gets in contact with the end of the cable, it might damage the cable, and water might enter internally into the cable.

You can also check how you can protect your Ethernet Cable from Cold and Warm.

So now I hope you don’t have any questions regarding this matter. If you are still confused, you can let us know. Also, I have posted a lot of knowledge on Ethernet; you can check them.