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Is CAT5e Ethernet Cable Good for Gaming?

Is CAT5e Ethernet Cable Good for Gaming? [Review & Facts]

CAT5e is one of the popular choices for many users. There are lots of positive responses about this cable and some negative. But, if you’re a gamer, you should know the facts.

So, Is CAT5e Ethernet Cable Good for Gaming?

Yes! When it comes to a suitable Ethernet gaming cable, you can go with Cat5e, which is a good choice if you’re looking for even better than you can prefer Cat6 cables.

It is not necessarily because of the speed, but most gamers are okay with 1000Mbps. The Cat5e can handle crosstalk and interference.

However, this Cable has to adhere to stricter standards when constructed, and the methods used to achieve those standards vary among manufacturers.

Why is Cat5e Good for Gaming?

The ‘E’ in the Cat5e means enhanced and follows a stricter IEEE standard. This cable also reduces the interference from adjacent wires, lowering the noise version. Cat5e and Cat5 cables look pretty similar, to be honest. But the Cat5e cables have 1.5 – 2 twists/cm.

This cable is preferred because it is budget-friendly while providing high speed (Gigabit). The Cat5e cable uses 4 data pars which can support up to 1000mbps.

These types of cables are great for both commercial and residential spaces, and the primary purpose is because of their flexibility in small spaces.

As a gamer, you don’t need any lag, which can ruin your experience, and yes, good quality Cat5e cable is just fine.

Is Cat5e good for 1gbps?

Yes, Cat5e is good for 1gbps as it can easily handle that amount of speed. This is more than enough speed and by far the most stable internet connections.

Cat5e, as previously mentioned, is an enhanced version of Cat5, which comes with different specifications for crosstalk. The Cat5e cable is fully backwards compatible with Cat5 and can be used in any application where Cat5 cable would usually be used.

However, the added specifications of Cat5e enable support of Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T), or networks that can run at 1000 Mbps.

You might wonder how come this cable delivers 1gbps of speed; the answer is it can achieve it by reducing the interference between two cables; Cat5e is the most preferred one in the network industry. The frequency of Cat5e is 100 Mhz.

Is Cat5e Good for PS4?

First, let’s look at cables with specific details best for PS5. We have reviewed the gaming and streaming internet speed requirements for a PS4 and come to Cat5e is one of the best cables.

We typically try to aim to have at least 100 Mbps for gaming through PS4, and please note that 25mbps is very good, but 100mbps is considered fast Ethernet, which Cat5e can easily transmit.

Cat5e is highly rated for gigabit speeds up to 328 feet (100 meters). To put it in layman’s terms, it is ideal for downloading a 720p High Definition TV episode which ranges around 950MB in around 8 seconds.

Pretty fast, right? If you want to take it to another level, you can also consider Cat6A cable, which almost performs the same as Cat5e; this cable is only recommended if you plan for 10 gigabits.

Note that if you plan to use a gigabit connection and under, then Cat5e or Cat6 is recommended.

Is Cat5e Good for PS5?

The release of the PS5 console has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community. The latest generation console also demands fast internet speed.

You can increase your download speed by switching from a wireless to a wired Ethernet connection. With this, a question might arise: what do I need for optimal performance? Fortunately, the answer is quite simple.

The Cat5e is a good option for PS5, with any name brand Cat5e+ certified cable, and you can enjoy maximum PS5 speeds with the lowest latency in online games.

If you want to upgrade slightly, you can prefer a good Cat 6 cable, but one thing to keep in mind is the price is comparatively high; the only advantage over Cat5e is that it can be easily upgraded and it has a good life over Cast 5e.

This brings us to the end of the topic of whether CAT5e Ethernet Cable is Good for Gaming or not, and I hope you have got all your answers.

They are durable, reliable, and will give you the best possible speed, 1000 Mbps, suitable for playing online games with low latency.

Our team has tested a lot of cables and has been using them for over a month, so if you’re looking for an Ethernet cable for gaming and want it to last, then you can choose Cat5e.