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Is A Cat8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming

Is A Cat8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming? [You Must Know]

CAT 8 ethernets are the newest category of ethernet cables. And we are familiar that with every new category, we get more speed, bandwidth, and a more stable internet connection.

And gamers always seek the best speed that they can get because gaming is a task that needs good speed to stay ahead of the competition.

In this post, I’ve mentioned whether this new version works, and if yes, what more things do you need to take care of? So let’s read.

But, Is A Cat8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming?

CAT 8 Ethernet Cables serve the best speed of 40 Gbps, the highest among other versions; thus, it is used by data centers, and you can 100% use it for gaming. But not only does the cable decide the internet speed, but all devices connected in the process should also be capable of high-speed internet.

So if all your devices support high-speed internet, you can definitely use cat8 ethernet cables to make your gaming experience superior. Here you can find a best rated CAT 8 ethernet cable on amazon.

Moreover, If you do gaming in an area with high interference, then CAT 8 can help because CAT 8 cables are highly shielded, which can eliminate the EMI.

Also, you must choose the cat8 cable carefully, as there are many fake CAT 5e or CAT6 cables with the name CAT 8. So stick with this post to learn those things in detail.

Note: With high-speed ethernet cables like CAT 8, you also do need high-speed supported hardware like switches and routers to ensure you don’t have bottlenecks.

CAT 8 Ethernet Cables’ Advanced Features

CAT 8 has some awesome features, giving solid competition to fiber optic cables. In terms of speed, bandwidth, shielding, and others, CAT 8 looks best.

Speed25gbps to 40gbps
Bandwidth2000 MHz
Max Length98 ft. / 100 m
PoE or Power Over Ethernet YES
Backward CompatibleYES

There are also a few drawbacks too like,

  • The cable might be stiff and hard to install [although not every cable]
  • Expensive

Should You Use CAT 8 Ethernet Cable or Not for Gaming?

There are a few conditions to decide when to use cat8 ethernet and when not. I’ve mentioned some situations you can check and decide on; let’s check them;

#High Interference Area

If you play games in an area with high interference, maybe from the tower or something else, or if your house has high-watt power lines or appliances, your ethernet connection is subject to electromagnetic interference.

So a cat8 ethernet cable can help you reduce the EMI as cat8 cables have solid shielding, which protects the wires from outside interference. Here you can read more about ethernet interference and shielding.

Although you can use CAT 6 or CAT 6a shielded pairs to reduce the EMI, CAT8 has more protection than any other ethernet cable.

#Device Capability

As mentioned earlier, the ethernet cable and all the devices and stuff connected to the internet should be capable of supporting high internet; your internet pack should also have high speed.

For instance, all the old-gen computers and laptops might not have 40 Gbps capability or less. However, most of the currently used devices are capable of doing 40+ Gbps.

Moreover, your router and switch should also support high speed to get the best speed and smooth gaming experience.


Because of solid shielding and new upgrades, the price of CAT8 ethernet cables is slightly higher than cat6 or cat6a. So if you run cat8 all over your home [nearly 100m], you have to pay more than other ethernet cables.

Hence, if budget is not a problem for you, then you can go with cat8 cables, but I recommend having cat6 or cat6a for the long run. Cat6 or Cat6a are inexpensive, easy to terminate, and install and support 10gig speed. And most gamers might be happy with that speed.

#CAT8 Overkill

Although CAT 8 ethernet cable is known for its high speed, most people don’t use that much speed in houses for gaming or other stuff. These cables are especially used in workstations, data centers, and hospitals where electromagnetic interference is high. Thus, CAT 8 Ethernet cables are overkill for 99% of people.

I’ve also headed the opinions of various people, and most have stated that CAT 8 ethernet is definitely overkilled. But, if the budget is not an issue, then you can give it a try for sure.

I’ve asked a few gamers on a community about cat8, and most people answered that generally, in our houses, we don’t need that much speed for gaming, streaming, or other stuff; thus, a CAT6 or CAT6a is well enough for heavy gaming or other works.

#Length Issue

Although CAT 8 ethernet is known for its high-speed data transmission, the problem can occur with length. The max length with CAT 8 ethernet should be 30 meters; after that distance, you may have performance drop.

Thus, it is said CAT 8 is good for short distances, or it is a short distance and high-speed cable. Whereas with most of the other ethernet cables, you can go up to 100 meters.

Looking at this, you should measure the distance first before purchasing and running your ethernet cable. However, with a short distance, most ethernet cables give superior speed, but problems occur with long-distance or after 100m.

#Be Careful While Buying

After the CAT 7, in 2016, CAT 8 was released on the market, but there is a lot of talk about how different manufacturers are doing fake marketing about CAT 8 ethernet cables.

Various manufacturers sell Category 5e or 6 cables in the name of CAT 8. Thus buyers brought those cables to get good speed but ended up with the same speed as CAT 5e or CAT 6.

You can further read more about the gaming performance of CAT 5e.