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DisplayPort 2.0

What Is DisplayPort 2.0? [New Upgraded Features & More]

DisplayPort is a versatile technology that can transmit audio and video files. VESA launched this interface. The features of the DisplayPort are similar to those of HDMI.

But their capabilities are far better than those of HDMI ports in bandwidth cases. They provide extraordinary resolution with high frame rates.

Among all the DisplayPort, DisplayPort 2.0 is the best known. It has many outstanding features. This is the only port that can support a resolution of up to 16k. High-quality movies and video games perform well on this version.

So, What is DisplayPort 2.0?

DisplayPort 2.0 is the latest version of DisplayPort technology; it has the most advanced features. It serves 16k resolutions at 60 Hz with the greatest bandwidth of 80 Gbps, which is the highest so far. DisplayPort 2.0 has more amazing features like Panel replay, high-resolution with a multi-monitor setup, and more.

It can support High-resolution videos at impressive refresh rates. 77.4 gigabits per sec is the average rate of the new DisplayPort. It can simultaneously manage two 4K resolutions at 144Hz and 8K screens at 85Hz.

15,360 × 8460, 16k with HDR, can also be handled by the DisplayPort 2.0. This never creates compression. 10 bits per pixel remains the rate as usual.

Features of the DisplayPort 2.0

DisplayPort 2.0. It has entered the market with outstanding technology that can transmit audio and video over a huge range, support Display Stream Compression or DSC, Forward Error correction or FEC, and other features.

Now let’s take a look at all those features and upgrades;

  • Resolution & Refresh Rate- 16k @ 60Hz | 8k @120Hz [2 display 8k @120hz]
  • Bandwidth – 80Gbps
  • Bit Rate – 40Gbps
  • Full-color resolution of 4:4:4 & for HDR-10, 30 bits per pixel.
  • The Panel Replay feature saves a lot of power.
  • More features are there; check below for details.

#Resolution & Refresh Rate

Resolution and Refresh are the most important feature while playing games, streaming, or other works. And DisplayPort 2.0 is by far the highest resolution and refresh rate supported interface.

It is the only interface as of 2022 capable of supporting 16k resolution and at a 60hz refresh rate. For 8k lovers, it will serve a 120hz high refresh rate.

Not only this, DisplayPort 2.0 is best for multi-monitor setup or daisy chain as it supports high resolution and refresh rate. So whenever you run anything over multiple devices, the resolution and refresh decrease, so it is important to have a high resolution and refresh rate.

  • i) Single display Resolution & Refresh Rate
    • 16K display at 60Hz and 30bpp 4:4:4 HDR (and DSC)
    • 10K display at 60Hz and 24bpp 4:4:4. (without compression)
  • ii) Dual Display Resolution & Refresh Rate
    • Two 8K displays at the rate of 120Hz and 30bpp 4:4:4 HDR (with DSC)
    • Two 4K displays at the rate of 144Hz and 24bpp 4:4:4 (without compression)
  • iii) Triple Display Resolution
    • Three 10K displays at the rate of 60Hz and 30bpp 4:4:4 HDR (with DSC)
    • Three 4K displays at the rate of 90Hz and 30bpp 4:4:4 HDR (without compression)

So for Daisy chain or multi-monitor setup seekers, it is a great option, as it can support up to 3 monitors.


The bandwidth is the next vital aspect of the video interface. Bandwidth generally means the maximum amount of data that can be transferred within a specific time.

So it defines many things; upon that speed, many things are dependent. Thus, the overall performance will be great if you have a great bandwidth speed.

The DisplayPort 2.0 has a huge bandwidth speed of 80 Gbps, and according to VESA, you’ll at least get the super performance of 77.4 Gbps bandwidth.

If you compare this to the latest HDMI 2.1, you’ll see DP 2.0 is far ahead.

#Other Features

  • Panel Replay: It saves overall system power. Also, it recharges the devices more quickly.
  • DSC or Display Stream Compression
  • HDR or High Dynamic Range
  • As mentioned earlier, It is best for Daisy Chain.

How is DisplayPort 2.0 for Gaming & Streaming?

The two main aspects of PC gaming, Console Gaming and Mobile gaming, are resolution and refresh rate. As DisplayPort 2.0 serve the highest resolution and refresh rate, it is an excellent choice for gamers as well as streamers. Streamers often use 2 displays or monitors, and nothing is that capable of a dual display setup or daisy chain than DP 2.0.

If you play high-end AAA games and stream, then DisplayPort 2.0 is definitely for you. You may skip and go with other options like DisplayPort 1.4 for regular gaming, as the whole DP 2.0 setup might cost a bit.

But, for pro gamers and streamers, it will also boost your experience and productivity if you set up multi-monitors using DisplayPort 2.0.

DisplayPort 2. 0 vs. HDMI 2.1 Which is Best?

The conflict between DisplayPort 2.0 and HDMI 2.1 is fierce. Well, there’s no battle. Both are trying hard to win the battle, but both are comparable.

So there remains a draw match. Both have clear connections that never allow the users to judge them. 

The aim is to provide a huge range of bandwidth and outstanding features for future demands. Thus let’s see which of them will be the winner!

FeaturesDisplayPort 2.0HDMI 2.1
Resolution & Refresh Rate16k at @60Hz10K at @120
Bandwidth80 Gbps48Gbps
G-Sync & Free-SyncYESNO
Daisy ChainYESNO
Auto Low Latency ModeNOYES
Quick Frame TransportNOYES
Audio SupportYESYES
Charging SupportYESYES
Dolby AtmosNOYES

Starting with DisplayPort 2.0, it should be mentioned that it has a larger bandwidth than its previous DisplayPort 1.4. DisplayPort 2.0 can support higher resolutions up to 16k.

Whereas HDMI 2.1 introduced bigger bandwidth than HDMI 2.0. This surprised the gamers at first.

They became very excited. But later, with the advancement of DisplayPort 2.0, their target shifted from HDMI to DisplayPort. It has come with 80% more bandwidth. DisplayPort has won in the field of bandwidth. Rather, the battle ended before it started.

This topic, DisplayPort 2.0 vs. HDMI 2.1, has nothing but come out of people’s concern.

But DisplayPort has proved to be the best in terms of bandwidth. These are the best for PC and other devices. Gamers are huge fans of these high-end DisplayPorts.