Best DisplayPort Cables

Best DisplayPort Cables in 2022 [Top Quality]

DisplayPort Cables are the most important component to connect your pc with other output devices with the best resolution and a high-quality refresh rate.

Are you planning to purchase the best DisplayPort cable! but stuck in the conclusion that which one to buy?

Here in this article, I have shared the 16 Best DisplayPort cables available in the market. Before finalizing your choice, make sure to read this article carefully.

Our Picks!

Ivanky DP Cable

Ivanky DisplayPort Cable is one of the most popular DP cables on Amazon and has a great satisfaction rate.

List of 16 Best DisplayPort Cables in 2021

  1. Ivanky DisplayPort Cable
  2. Club3D CAC-2068 DP to DP 1.4 Cable
  3. OMNIHIL 10ft DisplayPort Cable
  4. Moread Mini DP to DP Cable
  5. PowerBear 4K DisplayPort
  6. Accell DP to DP 1.4
  7. Rankie DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable
  8. Benfei DisplayPort cable
  9. GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable
  10. Anbear Gold-plated DisplayPort Cable
  11. Uni USB-C to DisplayPort Cable
  12. JSAUX 8K DP Cable
  13. Yauhody 8K DisplayPort Cable
  14. KabelDirekt – DP Cable (VESA Certified)
  15. Maxonar 8K 10Ft/ 3M DP Cable (VESA Certified)
  16. AKKKGOO 8K DisplayPort Cable

1. Ivanky DisplayPort Cable

iVANKY DisplayPort Cable

Ivanky DisplayPort Cable is one of the most popular DisplayPort cables on Amazon and has a great customer review of up to 90%. It is recommended as the best DisplayPort cable for video streamers and especially for gamers.

This cable is free from latches and it protects critical bits of code. Its specialty is, it is designed with a 24k gold-plated coating which provides good connection speed and maintains the strength of the signal.

Ivanky DisplayPort Cable is built up with solid nylon braids which prevent it from any damage or cracks. It is special for its extra-durable quality and lasts for a long period of time.

The Ivanky DisplayPort cable transmits powerful signal strength that has zero-lag whenever the data is transmitted. One can directly connect the cable and enjoy high-definition videos with a crystal clear sound. This is why it is known as the ‘Plug and Play’ cable.

The display feature of this cable is upgraded and it contains the 1.4 version of DisplayPort. It acquires a 4K ultra HD display with a refreshing rate of 60Hz.

The graphical feature is thus preferred by most gamers who need the smoothest refresh rate to experience the ultra gaming feel. Audio has many additional features with HD audio and HDR.

Ivanky DisplayPort Cable is constructed of different lengths. The variation of the lengths is available according to the requirement as one can choose any of the required lengths.

The price tag for this cable is very unique and underpriced. This is one of the cheapest and most efficient DisplayPort cables on the market with good performance.

  • It has a thin wire with long-lasting gold-plate connectors.
  • It supports high-resolution graphics with a 4K Ultra-HD display.
  • Ivanky provides a life-time guarantee to its customers.
  • It is a simple cable to plug into your PC.
  • Games can easily run at 1440p at 144hz, preferred for gamers.
  • It does not support 8K quality video display.
  • Sometimes there may be slight flickering depending upon the system.
  • Depending upon the monitor or PC, the cable can sometimes lose the images when there is a heavy graphics load.

2. Club3D CAC-2068 DP to DP 1.4 Cable

This is one of the well-recommended DisplayPort cables. People can connect their GPUs to a G-sync-enabled 144Hz or 165Hz monitor. The cable supports the highest resolution and offers HBR3 high-speed bandwidth.

This Display Port cable is VESA certified which makes it unique from other cables. It is adaptable with old versions like DisplayPort 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

One can easily connect the cable with its monitor with older versions. This makes the Club3D-2068 DisplayPort 1.4 cable reliable to all customers.

The cable is built up with long-lasting buttons, unlike Moread and OMNIHIL. The latch button is very comfortable for customers. It neither gets stuck in the port nor damages its wires placed inside the port.

The cable is well known for its ultra-flexible quality which prevents twisting and misshaping. The cable also has an additional feature that is it has a well-protected shield with multiple layers which adds protection and reduces the EMI radiation.

Club 3D DisplayPort cable offers the highest resolution that supports 8K quality at 60Hz, 5K quality at 60Hz, and 4K quality at 144Hz. The cable also offers a decompressed digital 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1 audio feature. There is a two-year warranty to the customers.

It has similar compatibility features equal to ROG Swift PG279Q, ASUS, Omen X, LG, Acer, and other high build monitors for gaming.

The cable is expensive and sold at a good price, but one can be comfortable if they buy it.

  • This cable is very soft and flexible in nature.
  • Club3D-2068 is well suited for gaming monitors.
  • One can perform high-risk works.
  • This cable is available in different lengths in the market.
  • It is a DisplayPort 1.4 cable that provides certified VESA.
  • Unlike some products, this cable is wrapped in a shiny plastic coating instead of braided fiber.
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other cables, thus many of us cannot afford to buy this DP cable.
  • On rare occasions, the cable may slightly damage your GPU.

3. OMNIHIL 10ft DisplayPort Cable

OMNIHIL 10ft DisplayPort Cable

OMNIHL DisplayPort cable is one of the most affordable DisplayPort cables similar to ivanky DisplayPort cable. One can easily connect this cable to his or her PC or monitor. This is why it is very appropriate to the customers.

OMNIHL DisplayPort cable is portable and easy to plug in and play anywhere without any connectivity issues. It also negates the time to install its drivers for the port.

The OMNIHL DisplayPort cable is similarly constructed with a gold-plated coating similar to the Ivanky cable. The coating on this cable provides comfort in plugging and unplugging.

It offers a protective shield which results in durability. The cable provides a very reliable connection with a smooth performance.

This is one of the most appropriate cables for transferring high-quality videos with crystal clear audio from any PC or gaming monitor.

One can experience superb quality streaming and gaming experience. It surrounds 2, 5.1, and 7.1 digital surround sound channels.

The cable has a secure plug and unplugs button that prevents chances of accidental removal of the cable. However, the button should be lowered before the cable is unplugged in order to avoid damage.

The company provides a 100% guarantee to the customers, and the money is returned back with a guarantee and replacement warranty if the cable has any dispute or problem.

The company also offers a warranty of lifetime, and that is why it is preferred by all its customers.

  • The cable offers a smooth connection.
  • This display port cable is extended with a mirror, compatible for the customer.
  • The cable is portable and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Build issues[It has some technical building issues but are rare].
  • The product is a bit expensive compared to the other DisplayPort cables.

4. Moread Mini DP to DP Cable

Moread Mini DP to DP Cable

Moread Mini DisplayPort cable is one of the smoothest and most reliable connections on the market. Customers generally prefer this cable because of its reasonable rate.

The dynamic compatibility feature is the best thing about the Moread Mini DisplayPort cable. Several systems like laptops, PC companies like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Asus, MacBook series, etc are using this cable.

The cable is small in length but it is as fast as other cables. It generally supports 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz, 1920 x 1080 at 144 Hz graphical resolution. A latch is also connected to the cable for its smooth connectivity.

The cable comes under variant quantities and it has a plug and plays feature that makes someone comfortable to use the cable without any other installation.

This is also a plug-and-play cable making it more convenient to use with no installation required. Besides that, the cables come in different quantities including 1, 2 and 5.

Moread Cable comes under a one-year warranty limit. The concerned part is its uniqueness in size, the size is limited and people may not get his or her preferred size. This cable will surely satisfy the customers.

  • The connectors in this cable are perfectly fitted.
  • The quality of the picture displayed is amazing.
  • One can connect a wide range of devices with this cable.
  • It comes in under one of the most affordable ranges.
  • The variety of sizes are generally unique. One cannot easily get the preferred size.
  • The warranty limit is usually less.
  • Videos might go black for seconds at times after you use the cable for a longer period of time.

5.  PowerBear 4K DisplayPort

PowerBear 4K DisplayPort

PowerBear 4K DisplayPort Ultra HD is preferred by gamers who use Ps5 or Ps4. The cable is also applicable to be used for TV, laptops, monitors, etc.

The PowerBear 4K cable is usually available with a wider variety of sizes starting from 0.5 ft to 75ft.  

Even if a system is placed far away, the cable can easily be brought that far and one can connect it to the system.

PowerBear 4K DisplayPort offers a display of up to 4K quality at 60Hz and can also be used for 2k and 1080p. The cable is usually versatile in nature.

The cable easily carries audio and video signals with very low transmission loss. The signal that is passed from the cable reaches the monitor easily and leads to the perfect display of images and videos.

This cable has a fast rate of transfer up to 18Gbps. Hence the cable maintains a decent speed to the network.

The cable is well wrapped with a nylon coating that is responsible for enhanced quality and durability. It has a gold-plated connector which generates a smooth and enhanced display video quality.

It also generates a resolution up to 4K where one can enjoy watching videos in 1080P, 2K, or 4K with crisp HDR color depth.

  • The cable generates an enhanced display which is 2.25x greater HD compared to others.
  • It is braided with a nylon wrap that maintains the durability of the cable.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of HDMI devices.
  • Sometimes there may be HDCP errors and flickering.
  • It may not be used for IOS devices like Apple MacBook.

6. Accell DP to DP 1.4

Accell DP to DP 1.4

Accell DP to DP 1.4 is one of the most applicable cables for 4K resolution display at a faster refresh rate of 240 Hz.

The cable also offers display variations starting from 8K resolution at 60Hz, 5k resolution at 60Hz, and 4k resolution at 240Hz. This is the perfectly suited cable for a higher refresh rate.

The unique feature that makes it different from other cables is that it supports Display Stream Compression(DSC) 1.2.

This is responsible for the smoothest refresh rate at 8K resolution. Similar to the Club3D-2068 DisplayPort 1.4 cable, it is also a VESA certified cable.

One can easily acquire a speed of up to 32.4 Gbps which is 1.5x faster compared to DisplayPort 1.2.

The cable also supports the High Dynamic Range, which brings a wider range of color and extra details to the display. This is why cable is preferred for high-quality streams and browsing colorful images.

Accell DP to DP 1.4  is widely compatible in nature and brings downward versions for many DP available devices like gaming PC, graphics card, projectors, etc. The company offers a 3-year warranty to all its customers.

The cable is less durable compared to the other discussed DisplayPort cable as it does not acquire the gold-plated shield. One has to safely plug the cable in and out considering this fact.

  • It is the preferred cable for a higher refresh rate of 240Hz.
  • It supports Display Stream Compression(DSC) 1.2.
  • which offers the smoothest 8K quality video display.
  • The company offers a warranty of 3-years.
  • The cable is less durable compared to some other DisplayPort cable.
  • It is thin in nature and does not have an extra gold-plated shield.

7.  Rankie DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

Rankie DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

The Rankie DisplayPort cable is a cable with gold-plated connectors. It is usually medium in length. The cable is featured with a braided foil situated inside, which reduces lags in the network and offers a better quality video stream.

This cable supports an ultra HD video display of up to 4K quality resolution. It also supports crystal clear audio sound from the various music channels.

The cable sizing up to 6 feet is genuinely comfortable for connectivity purposes. Similar to the other cables, it also has a latch button that is responsible for a smooth and reliable connection. One can easily plug the cable in and out from their system.

This cable is unique for its double shield copper coating for extra protection. Similarly, the shield coating inside the cable is provided in good condition.

The PVC material placed on the outer coating makes the cable more durable and prevents it from twisting or bending.

Rankie DisplayPort cable is very compatible with the users as it can be used for all kinds of devices. People mainly use this cable to connect with PCs, laptops, projectors, and HD monitors.

It comes under a reasonable price. The manufacturer offers a warranty of lifetime to the customers and that is the reason people are satisfied with the cable along with its price range.

Sadly, the cable is not compatible with monitors that have high refresh rates.

  • The cable is highly compatible in nature.
  • The manufacturers offer a warranty of lifetime and allows free repair and replacement.
  • The cable supports up to 4K quality video resolution.
  • The compatibility features are less compared to some other DP cables.
  • The network signals are lost at times and shows on the boot menu.

8.  Benfei DisplayPort cable

Benfei DisplayPort cable

Benfei DisplayPort cable is one of the best-recommended cables for best performance. This is DisplayPort is pretty much smaller in size compared to the other cables.

However, it generates the best audio and video connections. This cable is responsible for a 4K quality solid display compatible with anyone.

The audio feature is enhanced as it supports both 5.1 and 7.1 audio. The cable is available in the market with various lengths starting from 1m to 4.5m as per the user’s choice.

It has a long lasting port that connects with your monitor, preferably used for gaming and video streams.

Cable features to connect devices like laptops of any brand and VGA display devices. It supports resolution starting from 1080p at 60Hz upto 2048 x 1152 at 60Hz.

The cable differs from the other cables for its quad-shielded coating with a PVC jacket that offers the best video performance. The PVC jacket is also responsible for the prevention of signal loss.

The cable is compatible with all kinds of DisplayPort interfaces like HD monitors, projectors, MacBook, etc.

There is a plastic part situated at the bottom of the cable, one needs to squeeze on the latching connector to prevent accidental damage or issues in the network.

Overall the cable comes under a reasonable price and the quality of the product is very good.

  • The cable is highly compatible with all kinds of Displayport interface devices.
  • It supports resolution starting from 1080p at 60Hz upto 2048 x 1152 at 60Hz.
  • The cable is available in a variety of lengths.
  • The construction of the cable is solid and this makes the cable more durable.
  • Sometimes you are unable to stream at 144Hz.
  • After using the cable for a particular period of time the display starts to get really fuzzy and blurry.
  • The cable is less compatible with Dell laptops, as the connector is too wide to fit inside the Dell laptop connector.

9. GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable

GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable

GearIT DisplayPort cable is one of the most trusted among the most popular cable brands. This cable is well known for its features and also for its durable quality.

It has a gold-plated latch connector which helps the network be reliable and secure. The cable is compatible with all kinds of DisplayPort interface devices like DP, DP++.

The unique part is that it is well equipped with 28 AWG copper conductors, a braided shield, and foil that improvises the strength of the signal and results in high performance.

This cable offers an enhanced digital video and audio connection. It generally supports ultra-HD quality with a 1080P full HD and 4k quality display.

There are two audio channels that support both 7.1 and 5.1. One can experience good quality audio through this cable.

This cable is used for performing multiple tasks like using it on the projector or streaming live videos online. The cable is perfectly squirted for extended desktops and Mirror displays.

  • This cable is generally built for faster data transfer.
  • The design looks perfect and slim and durable in nature.
  • This cable comes under different ranges of lengths.
  • This cable comes at a higher price compared to other DP cables.
  • The cable must not be used for high refresh rate monitors.
  • GearIT DisplayPort cable often gets damaged as it is difficult to plug and remove. It might damage your gfx card and monitor.

10.  Anbear Gold-plated DisplayPort Cable

Anbear Gold-plated DisplayPort Cable

Anbear Gold-plated DisplayPort cable is another recommended option for connecting your PC to either an HD monitor or a projector for enhanced gaming and streaming facilities. This is usually a male-to-male DisplayPort cable.

This cable offers a high-quality display of 1080P, the quality of resolution starts from 1080P to UltraHD to 4k(3840 x 2160p). The audio quality is smooth varying from 2, 5.1, or 7.1 channels.

The reliable connection is dependent on the gold-plated shield which offers a single transmission. This also improvises the depth of the colors and makes the picture quality sharper.

The cable is enabled with a mirror display and one can easily connect it to their monitor. It also supports different modes of DP for the best customization.

This results in a better video streaming experience. This cable is easy to connect and compatible enough for configuration.

This cable is offered with a latch button and foil braided shield for safer connectivity and single transmission of the network signals.

The unwanted electromagnetic interferences are removed because of the braid and foil and results in the smoothest network.

Thus, the Anbear DisplayPort cable is best for 4K and 1080p quality displays. It is extra durable in nature and one can easily plug the cable in and out from their devices.

  • The cable supports 4k and ultra HD displays up to 1080P HD resolution.
  • The cable is highly compatible in nature.
  • It comes in a very affordable range.
  • The cable offers much better transmission of network signals.
  • The cable may not support Xbox and One X.
  • The quality of the product is not that good, when the cable is pulled out of the HDMI socket of a laptop, the black plastic header comes off and separates from the connector.
  • The cable is not compatible with Dell laptops.

11. Uni USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Uni USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Uni USB-C to DP cable is one of the best cables that is used for connecting the devices like laptops, monitors, projectors, and other DP-enabled devices. This cable comes under two types of lengths, 3ft and 6ft are the lengths.

The cable features an easy plug-and-play option that is compatible with all users. The cable does not require any length of software installation.

One can easily connect the cable to the device and perform the tasks.

The Uni USB-C to DP cable is compatible with users as they can use it for all older versions of MacBook like MacBook pro 13,15, iMac(2017), iPad pro, Google surface Book 2, Razer Blade, Dell series, etc.

This cable supports 4K resolution with a fast refresh rate starting at  60Hz and 2k resolution at 144Hz. It proves that the cable has an enhanced video displaying performance. The cable is compatible with the  HDCP 2.2 version.

The cable is much satisfied by the customers because there is a money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

This cable is comfortably fitted with the addition of reinforced connectors. The connectors deliver a strong connection and bring speed to data transfer.

Similar to the Ivanky DisplayPort cable, this cable is also built with an extra-durable nylon braid for its long-lasting capacity. The aluminium casing on the cable acts as a heat insulator when the wires inside it are used intensively.

Hence, the Uni USB-C to DisplayPort cable is best suited for USB-C interface devices DisplayPort interface devices.

A customer will be satisfied after using this cable because of its smooth performance and long-lasting strength.

  • The cable has good connectors that are responsible for faster and better network connections.
  • The cable is easy to plug in and out.
  • The quality of the cable is extra durable.
  • The cable may not be compatible with a few devices.
  • The cable sometimes lacks the locking section.
  • Adapters like the Apple Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 2 will not display a DisplayPort signal.

12. JSAUX 8K DisplayPort Cable

JSAUX 8K DisplayPort Cable

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Connector GenderMale to Male
Compatible DevicesLaptop, TV, Monitor, PC
Color OptionsRed & Grey
Length / Size Options6.6ft; 10ft
Bandwidth32.4 Gbps
Resolution[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Connector TypeDisplayport
User Ratings4.7/5

If you want to buy an 8k DisplayPort cable then JSAUX is a great option for you. Like the previous one, this cable is also specially designed for High-end gamers for lightning-fast performance. This is a Male to Male connector which is compatible with Laptop, TV, Monitor, PC.

It offers a 32.4 Gbps bandwidth transmission speed. It can support up to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] resolution.

So the refresh rate is pretty good which will definitely make your gaming experience better. The company said that it will give you a smooth and nice gaming experience without any glitches as it has FPS technology.

They also mentioned that it allows the user a great crystal clear audio and high definition video quality.

Now coming to the built quality, this cable is made with tinned copper and has triple-layer shielding.

It also has an aluminum shell with a nylon braided cover and all the connectors are gold-plated. So no doubt it is made for heavy use and has no issue with much plugging and unplugging.

This cable comes with 2 color variants Red and Grey and offers only 2 length or size options of 6.6ft and 10ft. It has a global rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

  • Great for gamers
  • Solid Built Quality
  • Nylon made wire
  • 32.4 Gbps Bandwith
  • Resolution Up to [email protected]
  • Multiple plugs and unplugs
  • Only have two size options

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13. Yauhody 8K DisplayPort Cable

Yauhody 8K DisplayPort Cable

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Connector GenderMale to Male
Compatible DevicesMonitor
Color OptionsGray
Length / Size Options3.3ft, 6.6ft, 10ft, 15ft
Bandwidth32.4 Gbps
Resolution[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], 4K120Hz, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Connector TypeDisplayport
User Ratings5/5

It has a bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps which allows you an Ultra High-Speed Data Transfer. It also supports DSC 1. 2 (Display Stream Compression) and FEC (Forward Error Correction).

The company said it also supports MST or Multi-stream Technology, this cable also has a great refresh speed. So no hesitation it is best for gamers, you can use it for high graphics monitors.

Now coming to its built quality, its connectors are made with a 24k golden plate. It has bare copper conductors which are covered with a nylon-braided jacket.

It has a bends lifespan of 90 degrees. It can face more than 15,000+ plugs and unplugs. Thus, it is also a durable cable for heavy usage.

It comes in grey colour and has 4 size options of 3.3ft, 6.6ft, 10ft, and 15ft. So you can definitely go with this pack of 3 cables.

  • Pack of 3 in a good low budget
  • Best for heavy gamers
  • 24k gold plated connectors
  • 32.4 Gbps Bandwith
  • Resolution Up to [email protected]
  • 15,000+ plugs and unplugs
  • Only available in grey colour
  • You have to purchase a pack of 3

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14. KabelDirekt – DisplayPort Cable (VESA Certified)

KabelDirekt – DisplayPort Cable (VESA Certified)

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Connector GenderMale to Male
Color OptionsBlack
Length / Size Options3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft
VESA CertifiedYes
Bandwidth32.4 Gbps
Resolution8K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 120Hz, UWQHD @ 144Hz, WQHD @165Hz, Full HD @ 240Hz
Connector TypeDisplayport
User Ratings4.7/5

KabelDirekt is a trusted brand and this cable has also archived a good user trust because of its good performance.

This is also a fully VESA Certified DisplayPort cable so this a great plus point for all the gamers. It supports resolutions up to 8K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 120Hz, UWQHD @ 144Hz, WQHD @165Hz, FullHD @ 240Hz.

This cable is built with a full metal shell and has bare copper conductors. The pin is made with a gold plate and allows users no data loss functionality. It comes with 4 size variants of 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, and 15ft.

It also offers some modern technology to make your gaming experience better as MST, Mirror Extended Mode, and others.

  • Good Users Rating
  • Mirror or Extended Mode
  • Supports MST
  • Gold plated connectors
  • 32.4 Gbps Bandwith
  • Resolution Up to [email protected]
  • VESA Certified
  • Only available in Black colour

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15. Maxonar 8K 10Ft/ 3M Displayport Cable (VESA Certified)

Maxonar 8K 10Ft/ 3M Displayport Cable (VESA Certified)

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Connector GenderMale to Male
Color OptionsGray
Length / Size Options10ft
VESA CertifiedYes
Bandwidth32.4 Gbps
Resolution8K (7680×4320), 5K (5120×2880 @ 60Hz), 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 @ 120Hz) and 1080P (Full HD)
Connector TypeDisplayport
User Ratings4.8/5

Maxonar 8k cable is one of the best DisplayPort cables for gaming as of its powerful performance and built quality as well as durability.

This male-to-male cable is perfect for your gaming PC or Monitors. 32.4 Gbps bandwidth powers up this cable and it has refresh rate up to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

It supports resolutions up to 8K (7680×4320), 5K (5120×2880 @ 60Hz), 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 @ 120Hz) and 1080P (Full HD). It is also VESA Certified cable so it is a good point for you.

The company says it is fully compatible with Samsung, Ben Q, Dell, LG, HP, ASUS, and other monitors.

This cable is packed with 28AWG Tinned copper which has triple-layer shielding. For protection, it has a good quality nylon braided jacket and can handle 30000+ blends. Connectors are 24K gold-plated to decrease your conductivity over time.

You will only get one size variant of 10ft and it is available in Black color only.

This company also provides you with a lifetime warranty if you register this product on their website after purchasing this cable.

  • Really good for PC, Laptop, TV Gaming Monitor
  • Ideal for Large game and Ultra HD video streaming
  • Made with 28AWG Tinned copper and triple-layer shielding Nylon Braid
  • 32.4 Gbps Transmission Speed
  • Resolution Up to 8K (7680×4320)
  • VESA Certified
  • 30000+ Bend lifespan
  • Supports BT601, BT709, BT2020, Adobe RGB Color Format
  • Good users Rating
  • Only available in one colour
  • One Length size of 10ft

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16. AKKKGOO 8K DisplayPort Cable

AKKKGOO 8K DisplayPort Cable

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Connector GenderMale to Male
Compatible DevicesProjector, Laptop, TV, Monitor, PC
Color OptionsBlack
Length / Size Options1.6ft, 3.3ft, 4.9ft, 6.6ft, 10ft, 16.5ft, 33ft
VESA CertifiedYes
Bandwidth32.4 Gbps
Resolution8k 7680×4320 at 60Hz, 4K 3840×2160 at 144Hz and 2K at 165Hz
Connector TypeDisplayport
User Ratings4.6/5
  • Supports Multiple Devices
  • 24K gold-plated connector
  • Nylon Braid
  • 32.4 Gbps Transmission Speed
  • Resolution Up to [email protected]
  • VESA Certified
  • Quick Media Switching
  • Quick Frame Transport
  • Auto Low Latency Mode
  • Only available in one colour
  • Not for heavy gamers

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I have shared all the necessary information that you need to know before purchasing a DisplayPort cable.

By reading all the pros, cons, and features of all DisplayPort cables, I hope that your confusion is resolved and you are able to find out the best DisplayPort cable based on your requirements.

Still, if you have any doubt while choosing the display port cable, just comment down your queries.